Arabic numbers road CLIPART

Arabic Numbers Road Clipart 30 graphics in PNG file format with transparent backgrounds. High-quality graphics,...

Arabic numbers with cutting/ dotted lines CLIPART

ClipArt Arabic Numbers A full set of 20 Arabic numbers perfect for colouring, cut and paste activities. Also, the...

Phases of the Moon - مراحل القمر -

Learn the phases of the moon in Arabic (and English, too) Cut out the two disks (one with an opening) and then rotate...

Arabic Alphabet-Vocabulary Coloring Sheets

Easy to color! Easy to read! In all, your child will be exposed to over 170 vocabulary words! There are 28...

Arabic alphabet flashcards letters, numbers, colours and shapes, full set coloured

Arabic colourful flash cards complete set. A colourful set that can be used for recognition and correct...

Date in arabic

Labels to build the date of the day and display in class. Included the postings: "yesterday it was, today is and...

colors in arabic

These labels / displays represent Arabic colors with various designs and the word written in the center. The colors...

Back to School Bundle

Do you need activities to make back to school exciting? This bundle of back to school activities has you covered for...

Play Dough Smash Mat: Articulation "S" in Arabic

Fun, easy and quick this activity allows children to practice the sound "S" in Arabic. This product includes 3 mats:...

Arabic Letters Flash Cards

This set of cards include the 28 letters of The Arabic Alphabets in A5 brightly colored flash cards.

Arabic letters with dotted lines CLIPART

ClipArt Arabic Alphabet A full set of 28 Arabic alphabet letters perfect for coloring, cut and paste activities....

الحروف الرافسة

بطاقات الحروف الرافسة من خلالها سيتمكن الطالب من تمييز الحروف الهجائية التي لا تتصل بالحروف التي تتبعها في الكلمة...




let's learn about shapes in Arabic. This product will help you teach Arabic shapes to your kids in a fun way. the...

Back to School Word Cards

This set of school picture-word cards includes 16 school related words. you can place them in a pocket chart near your...

Arabic tracing sheets alphabet and numbers

مرحبا Help your little ones to develop their prewriting skills and learn through play with these interactive play mats...

Arabic flash cards alphabet numbers shapes and colours rainbow

مرحبا A full set of flash cards in Arabic language with rainbow colours. This is a pdf/instant digital download...

Free flash cards Arabic basic colours and basic shapes

مرحبا Flash cards Arabic basic colours and basic shapes recognition. This file comes with 11 shapes and 11 colours....