Student Created Alphabet Posters

This pack includes pages to create student created letter posters or word wall headers. Full and half page templates...

Phonics Alphabet Crowns! Couronne de l'alphabet!

Alphabet crowns! In French and English! This set contains : 2 different crowns for each letter totaling 104 crowns...

Name Recognition -Sadique

27 page pdf book to assist your little Sadique with learning his name!

signing with phonics..."an" words-set 1

This is a great activity set for "an" sounds. ASL and phonetic sounds to assist with reading-- comes in color AND black...

The CH CH CH Chefs digraph book and worksheets (mini bundle)

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* As salaam alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **CH DIGRAPH BOOK...

Alphabet Sounds Around Us

Alphabet Sounds Around Us is formed of 28 cards (A5 size) Each card would help the child to link the alphabet sound...

Video for letter alif story (with audio, pictures and text)

Story of the letter alif Title of the story: Man anaa (Who Am I?) Objectives: Identify the sound and the shape of...

Alphabet Lesson Starters

28 short stories that can be used as a starter activity for Alphabet lesson to introduce the sound of each Arabic...

Alphabet Songs

28 songs (1 to 2 lines) about each letter of the alphabet and each song is related to the letter's story....

Arabic Alphabet Self Correcting Puzzle

28 Arabic Alphabet Self Correcting Puzzle to match Arabic alphabet

Fun Arabic Worksheets Bundle

This Bundle contains more than 350 pages of all the Letter Worksheets from Alif to ya. Each letter is approximately 13...

Fun Arabic Worksheets - Letter Yā ҆

This worksheets are not only fun but are goal oriented page by page. It covers all the steps needed to master the...

Fun Arabic Worksheets - Letter Wāw

This worksheets are not only fun but are goal oriented page by page. It covers all the steps needed to master the...

Language Art - Beginning Sound

The first step to becoming a great reader and writer is to learn the sounds of all the letters! Pages - 51

Flip and Spell Words

Students will enjoy the full-color artwork and easy-to-hold size of these spelling cards. Your students can either line...

Rhyming Colours Matching

These worksheets will encourage your beginning readers to notice similarities and patterns in English words, as they...

Spelling Cut and Paste

This fun activity encourages your students to recall the spelling of a word, select and cut out the correct letters,...

Spelling Spinners: Alif

This printable toy is easy to assemble, and fun to use as your students spin the dials to line up correct spelling of...

Spelling Sliders

These great toys teach reading, spelling, and vocabulary as students slide the doors in front of the letters in the...

See and Circle Sounds

An incredible price for a file with 9 worksheets! Students compare the beginning sounds of an object with the beginning...

Beginning Sounds Search

In this simple set of worksheets, students are prompted to select the correct letter which begins the names of the...

Sound Start

Comparing two letters, students choose the correct letter which begins the name of each image. There are two levels,...

Sound Check

Phonics is not defined the same way in Arabic as it is in English studies, but this is as close as we can get, in...