Freebie!!! Al-Khushoo’ in prayer

Al-Khushoo’ in prayer Quick and important lesson for homeschoolers- pages from a lecture-abdur rahman, and islamicQA...

Solar Eclipse Coloring Pag

Solar Eclipse Coloring Page (Islamic Connection) Grab this before the eclipse to assist you in teaching your child or...

Islamic Home school Organization Sheets

Islamic Home school Organization Sheets 10 Pages library reading sheet Quran comprehension lunch and snack...

Ramadan Daily Journal

Ramadan Daily journal Coloring pages mini word search 2 mazes Ready made journal topics Journal topics with...

Salah Sequencing Cards

Salah Sequencing Cards-- Perfect for Ramadan, teaching the positions of salah, or use like flash cards.

I Can Make Salah Clip Art Set One

This set comes with everything shown in the image. 13 images total ALL COLOR Images! Great png images for creating...

You Found...Where Is Islamic Read and Search Game

What do we see in Ramadan? Lots of things! You Found...Where Is Islamic Read and Search Game --- 4 color pages...

Sourate An_ Nahl Verset 10 Lapbook

Sourate An_ Nahl Verset 10 Lapbook En Français avec une page en Anglais.

Islamic Handwriting Practice Workbook

*This bundle includes both the Islamic handwriting pages and Simple Handwriting Practice sheets pages Letters...

The Story of The Prophet Adam (as)

As salaamu alaikum! This is the story of the prophet Adam (as) as told in the Quran. This worksheet set gives...

Perpetual Hijri Calendar Templates

84 calendar templates --- 7 templates for each Hijri month. Each template for a given month starts on a different day...

My Hadith Book- Grade 1

The purpose of the My Hadith Book series is: 1. To memorize the Ahaadeeth, To practice, To earn Rewards.

Sit & Listen Muslimah

Sit and listen muslimahs to put on student note tags , to make your own products, or to print and color! 18 color, 1...

Muslimah School Uniform Clip Art

As salaam alaikum ! This cute clip art set is wonderful for your bulletin board or products! Add your child's name and...

Jilbab/hijab and garment poster

As salaam alaikum-- Inshaa Allah this printable pdf poster set could be an important addition to classroom and home...

Printable Eid Decorations-

As salaam alikum wa rahmautlah wa barakatuh!!! Its Almost eid! use this printable decoration pack for either of the...

Quran Achievement Tags (juz)

As salaamu alaikum! In shaa Allah your child or classroom will benefit from these Achievement tags. These tags are...

My Friday Guide - New

Friday is the most important day for Muslims. We should teach our young learners the importance of Friday from their...

Khana (Urdu Nazam)

This is a special gift for urdu speaking families.

Al-Quran Memorization Tracker

An Awesome Full colored Quran Memorization Tracker for your students. including Student Name list, Surah No, Surah Name...

99 names of GOD #1

As Salaam Alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! 5 printable to help reinforce 1 of the names of Allah...

Islamic Writing Slips-(28 strips)

28 writing slips/strips-great addition for Ramadan and Islamic writing center- laminate and you can use them over and...

I Love the Qur'aan Activity Set

The month of the Qur'an, Ramadan is upon us! Enjoy this file for free to encourage your children or students to ponder...