Fruit flashcards in English

Included in this product: -28 fruit flashcards with text. -28 fruit flashcards with no text. -Table of fruits names...

Vegetable flashcards in English

Included in this product: -32 vegetable flashcards with text. -32 vegetable flashcards with no text. -Table of...

Arabic Clock- To the Hour Clip Cards (sunnah learners)

These Arabic clip cards are simple to follow. Each of the cards are easy to follow for French, Arabic, or English...

Humpty Dumpty Story Book Connection Binder bundle (Sunnah Learners)

Humpty Dumpty Story Book Connection Binder bundle (Sunnah Learners) mini memory game letter recognition create...

Trilingual Color Popsicle Puzzles And Match & Write Cards

Trilingual ( English, French, Arabic) popsicle puzzle cards and write and match cards_ laminate for best use! See...

English Letter Sounds Matching Activity

This pack contains picture strips and individual picture cards that begin with each letter of the English alphabet....

Cvc pack1 -at Word Family Language Pack

Cvc pack1 -at Word Family Language Pack--- Great for early english learners! Kindergarten- first grade!

Traceable Perpetual Gregorian Calendar Templates

Tired of looking for a yearly calendar each year for your daily calendar activities? This jumbo pack of 84 templates...

Colorful Kindergarten Sight Word Cards

Kindergarten Sight Word Cards! use to build sentences on a large table or floor mat. Or use to create a word wall or...

Islamic Handwriting Practice Workbook

*This bundle includes both the Islamic handwriting pages and Simple Handwriting Practice sheets pages Letters...

44 Nouns, Adjectives, And Pronouns Clip Cards

44 Nouns, Adjectives, And Pronouns Clip Cards Use in your language center! Great for ESL!

Community Workers English Clip Cards

** Help your child identify community workers by the tool on the card. Use a clothes pin to "pin" the correct answer...

Any Language Bundle

Image-only resources perfect for whatever language you teach to encourage your students to speak and write. Foods...

Autumn Counts! English/French/Arabic Number Match Up

Autumns not over yet!!!! One more month of colorful fall! Download this envelope/file folder game for your little...

Community Workers Set One

Includes: pages 5-7 Community hat occupation match up cards- Page 8 Graphing toothbrushes Pages 9 Arabic alphabet...

Real Photo Color Posters (english)

Includes: american sign language cards 15 color poster to assist your little learners! English colors in this...

And Allah Made a Strawberry Worksheet Set

Four worksheets in two levels help reinforce the lesson from our publication, 'From Flower to Strawberry'. Students are...

signing with phonics..."an" words-set 1

This is a great activity set for "an" sounds. ASL and phonetic sounds to assist with reading-- comes in color AND black...

The CH CH CH Chefs digraph book and worksheets (mini bundle)

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* As salaam alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **CH DIGRAPH BOOK...

Arabic On Air

Arabic On Air An audio course for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers) for English speakers( A quick and...

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

This is 11 slides power point presentation about the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). It includes basic fact about who he is?...

Ramadan Activity and Story Book (Girls' Edition)

This delightful original story of a fictional little girl named Fatima explores her first tries fasting during Ramadan...

Flashcards Bundle Arabic and Englsih

This bundle include updated flash with both Arabic and English on the same card for : # Days of the week (7) #...

Language Art - Self Writing

This worksheet bundle focuses on self writing skills, featuring activities that help develop fine motor skills and...