تركيب جمل بسيطة

.تعليم الطلاب تركيب الجمل البسيطة مع مساعدات بصرية

Picture Prompts Writing

Students of Arabic grammar are introduced to creative writing in this set of ten worksheets. Observing the pictures,...

Conjugaison Française (Sunnah Learners World Language)

French conjugaison verbs--- La conjugaison des verbes français Great as posters or binder inserts for new verbs!...

Arabic Transportation Self Correcting Puzzle

Arabic Transportation Self Correcting Puzzle. Just Print, cut and laminate. Kids will learn Arabic transportation by...

Funny Picture Read and Draw

Your students will be challenged to read a simple sentence, recall vocabulary, and then draw a picture from their...

Grammar Stars: Fill in Correct Pronoun

To accompany our other products which are based on the grammar topic of masculine and feminine word categories, these...

Simple Sentence Matching

Students recalling the sentences and vocabulary from our 'Simple Sentence Flashcards' will enjoy reading the sentences...

Preposition Sentences Flashcards

This set of flashcards features similar, full-color artwork from our 'Simple Sentence' file, but with flashcards that...

الكلمة فى اللغة العربية

تنقسم الكلمة فى اللغة العربية الى اسم وفعل وحرف وهذا الدرس يحدثنا عن الكلمة بأقسامها المختلفة فى اللغة العربية

الممنوع من الصرف

فى اللغة العربية هناك كلمات لا يمكن أن توضع عليها علامة التنوين لأنها ممنوعة من الصرف كما توجد كلمات توضع عليها علامة...

الإعراب والبناء والمعرب والمبنى من الأسماء

هذا الدرس يوضح لنا ما معنى كلمة الإعراب فى اللغة وما معنى كلمة البناء كما يوضح لنا أن الأسماء فى اللغة العربية منها...

المعرب والمبنى من الأفعال

فى اللغة العربية هناك أفعال معربة أى تتغير حركة إعرابها تبعاً لتغير موقعها فى الجملة فتكون منصوبة أو مرفوعة أو مجزومة...

Simple Sentence Flashcards

Full-color, original artwork decorates each of the 16 picture cards which show two objects, allowing the student to...

Definite and Indefinite Game Cards

This set of 80 English and Arabic Game Cards includes an indefinite and a definite form of each noun. The repetition...

Describe Me Adjectives

Students will make connections between an object and the appropriate Arabic adjectives which can be used to describe...

Grammar Stars: Feminine Words Worksheet Pack

The five main categories of feminine words is studied in this dynamic pack of worksheets. Students are challenged to...

Grammar Stars: Who or What

The two words used to refer to either people, or objects are studied with these worksheets. Students choose and circle...

Silly Sentence-Building Cubes

These fun printable toys will engage your students as they expand their vocabulary and roll the cubes, arranging them...

Grammar Stars: The Simplest Sentence + Writing

Students able to read words can use these four different sets of worksheets to help them form the most basic of Arabic...

Arabic Vocabulary Map

هذا ملف مفيد جدا للطالب و ذلك خلال حصة القراءة و الفهم أو حتى خلال حصة الإستماع يمكنه من تجميع المفردات الجديدة و شرحها...