Solar Eclipse Coloring Pag

Solar Eclipse Coloring Page (Islamic Connection) Grab this before the eclipse to assist you in teaching your child or...

I Know My Colors! Brag Tag bundle (sunnah Learners)

I Know My Colors! Brag Tag bundle (sunnah Learners) use these tags to congratulate your early learners every time...

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages

These alphabet coloring sheets are a perfect addition to your Arabic alphabet instruction/practice time! Students will...

Ready for Math (English) Kinder Bundle

Great pack for beginning numbers. Good for the deal! Math meets Reading, writing, coloring and fun! This pdf...

Sit & Listen Muslimah

Sit and listen muslimahs to put on student note tags , to make your own products, or to print and color! 18 color, 1...

Arabic colors with phonetic posters

includes: color posters to assist your little learners! colors in this pdf are-- -- red, orange, yellow, green...

The Book of Sadakah - Free Hadith Coloring Book

children will enjoy this coloring book as they learn hadiths about sadakah (Charity).

My Alif-Yaa Coloring and Activity Book

A 92 page coloring and activity book that can be used for supplemental practice for building letter recognition...

My Alif Coloring and Activity Book

My Alif Coloring and Activity Book Format: PDF File 4 pages

Noon Publications Islamic Coloring Book

Looking for some fun Islamic based coloring pages for your children? Check out our Islamic coloring book! It is...

Little Thinking Minds Arabic Activity Children Book

Learn Arabic Little Thinking Minds Activity Book Vol. 1 Product Description The Little Thinking Minds Activity...

Color Words Worksheet Set

This set of three worksheets is not as simple as it appears! While the Arabic words are large and easy-to-read, the...

ARABICRAFT: Alif to Khaa

Fans of the popular crafting game will enjoy learning their Arabic letters through coloring the grid to reveal a...

ARABICRAFT: Alif to Jeem 03

Fans of the popular crafting game will enjoy learning their Arabic letters through coloring the grid to reveal a...

ARABICRAFT: Alif to Jeem 02

Arabicraft worksheets are engineered to engage your students in their recognition of the Arabic letters. Through...

ARABICRAFT: Alif to Jeem

Arabicraft worksheets engage students beginning to study the Arabic alphabet by coloring in grid squares according to a...

Pre-School Bundle

Pay 50% less when you buy this bundle of all of our greatest products for pre-school students to learn about the Arabic...

Wudhu Colouring Worksheet - Digital

All muslims must seek to remain clean and always maintain good hygiene. Wudhu is used to mentally prepare for...

ABC Coloring Worksheets

In this workbook children can color their way through a few of the most common colors! They'll boost their vocabulary...

Days of the week - أيام الاسبوع

Learn days of the week with this great worksheet. This worksheet include 4 pages to practice days of the week in Arabic...

Color the Alphabet

For the earliest beginner, this worksheet set has a big picture to color and a big letter to trace per page.

Wudhoo Wheel

Use the Wudhoo Wheel to reinforce the steps of wudhoo and add it to your Islamic Studies notebook or lapbook OR hang...

Coloring Pages - Beginning Sounds Vocabulary

Each page of this coloring worksheets contains 5 vocabulary pictures that start with the same letter . It is a nice...

Little Detective - Find The Letter

Little detective is a fun game for children to help them learn letter identification and letter shape recognition....