Sourate An_ Nahl Verset 10 Lapbook

Sourate An_ Nahl Verset 10 Lapbook En Français avec une page en Anglais.

The Story of The Prophet Adam (as)

As salaamu alaikum! This is the story of the prophet Adam (as) as told in the Quran. This worksheet set gives...

Jilbab/hijab and garment poster

As salaam alaikum-- Inshaa Allah this printable pdf poster set could be an important addition to classroom and home...

Quran Achievement Tags (juz)

As salaamu alaikum! In shaa Allah your child or classroom will benefit from these Achievement tags. These tags are...

Al-Quran Memorization Tracker

An Awesome Full colored Quran Memorization Tracker for your students. including Student Name list, Surah No, Surah Name...

I Love the Qur'aan Activity Set

The month of the Qur'an, Ramadan is upon us! Enjoy this file for free to encourage your children or students to ponder...

Islamic Certificate of Completion

Did your little one just learn a new surah?! Ma sha'Allah! why not make her/him smile with this printable certificate...

My Quran Workbook

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* As salaamu alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **My Quran...

Perfect Tajweed: Laam Saakinah Lesson and Worksheets

Five different worksheets follow a quick and easy lesson on a primary laam saakinah rule of tajweed. Students will...

Lessons In Islam

Lesson in Islam is a series of books that teaches the children the basics of the Islamic religion. These can also be...

Tafseer Match

In studying the last pages of the Qur'an, students will be challenged to match the short explanation of the meaning of...

Quraan Pen


Quraan Pen

Language: اللغة العربية Product Type: كتاب كتاب مسموع Muslim’s Husen of Quran and Sunna prayers Prayers of...

Quran Reading and Memorization Bookmarks

Format: PDF file, 9 pagesLanguage: ArabicContent:30 Bookmarks from Day 1 to Day 30 2 Extra blank bookmarks Instruction:...

Quran Memorization Calendar

This is a calendar to track the memorization of all the Surahs of Juz Amma as well as 3 other Surahs of you choice...

Certificate of Quran Memorization

This is a certificate for Quran memorization of  "JUZ  AMMA"  for kids to reward and motivate them...