Counting Syllables in Arabic

Practice counting syllables with this fun and simple activity! Includes in this product 90 pictures of 1,2,3 or 4...

Arabic Seasons & Weather – Displays/Bulletin Board

We included everything you need to make an interactive DIY Bulletin Board with this Resource (seasons and weather...

Arabic Numbers with Counters

This pack includes: Arabic number cards 1-20 with squares to place counters. 20 red counters. Instructions:...

Arabic Number Puzzles

These puzzles are great to teach arabic numbers and quantities. Just print and laminate for an engaging game your kids...

Arabic Seasons Matching and Sorting

This pack contains Arabic seasons image cards and mats. The child matches the seasons picture cards to the mats with...

ReadEasy – Flashcards to teach Arabic Reading

ReadEasy, the flashcards to teach Arabic Reading! Designed by our experienced Arabic teacher! 305 flashcards...

Arabic Week’s Days – Wall Display – Arabic only & Ar./English

An attractive and interactive wall display to happily teach the days of the week in Arabic! (in Arabic only and...

Shapes Poster

This is a colorful, easy-to-read poster with the Arabic names for the geometric shapes. Part of many new files on the...

Entering and Exiting Washroom Duaa

For in class activity and to hang to remember.

Dua for Wudu

For classroom activity.

Time Bundle

This bundle is packed with 10 files for teaching the Arabic terms for telling the time. For reading and vocabulary:...

Al Tilmeedh Weather Bundle

Now you can have all the weather resources you need in a bundled and discounted pack of seven files for studying the...

Pillars of Islam Mobile/Wall Hanging

Make a 1 sided wall hanging or a 2 sided mobile of the pillars of Islam! -Pillars have Arabic transliterated terms of...

An Alif Baa Book: The Farm

Introduce your students to the Arabic alphabet using vocabulary from the farm! Animals, birds, insects, and items found...

Weather Chart Card Set

Students are going to love playing with these cards which help them in big, easy-to-read letters and colorful...

Weather Bulletin Board Set

Engage your students in reporting the weather each day of class with this colorfully illustrated bulletin board set in...

Arabic Initial form pattern block worksheet

Using pattern blocks is a fun hands-on way for kids to learn Arabic Alphabets and start making words in Arabic. In...

And Allah made a Strawberry

Don't forget to also download our accompanying worksheets to reinforce the science lesson! New eBook to download...

Farm Animals Sorting Cards Set

Combining science with Arabic, these sorting cards will help your children communicate orally while organizing the...

"Hello" and "Goodbye" Arabic Rhymes (Arabic/English or Arabic-only)

Two nice rhymes to greet your students at the beginning and end of your classes! Adapted to Arabic native speakers (...

Farm Animals Poster

This full-colour poster of farm animals will encourage your students to use the vocabulary they know to learn the...

Feelings Flashcards: Arabic and English

This is a set 10 of the most common feelings in English and Arabic. It can be printed and laminated for class display...

Printable Eid Decorations-

As salaam alikum wa rahmautlah wa barakatuh!!! Its Almost eid! use this printable decoration pack for either of the...