Lacing Cards

This pack contains 6 different geometric shapes for children to lace around. It is a great pre-math and Sensorial...

144 Tell Me The Time Cards (for use with dry erase markers)

Colorful Fill in the clock time cards suggestion: Laminate and cut out cards. Use dry erase markers to write the...

Real Life Kitchen Chore Jobs

****Daily Real Home Jobs for Children-Kitchen As salaamu alaikum! Here’s an awesome way to teach your children’...

Brother Bilal Has A Farm- Emergent Reader

Very simple repetitive colorful emergent reader mini book. Download.Print. bind or stable. Enjoy inshaaAllah!

The Amazing Egg Carton 2

A craft book of two parts that teaches children in clear easy steps how to make animals, cartoon characters, mobiles,...

The Amazing Egg Carton 1

A craft book of two parts that teaches children in clear easy steps how to make animals, cartoon characters, mobiles,...

A Fraction of Pizza Play Set plus Worksheets

Your students will be delighted to use this play set as they begin learning about fractions. Along with the colorful...

Time Travel with Time Words Unit

Travel through time on a journey with learning the words that describe units of time! Students will match time words...

What is More? Canadian Coin Worksheet

In this counting coins activity, students learning money less than one dollar CAD will count the coins and decide which...

Triangles Sorting Cards

These colorful triangles sorting cards are a great way to engage students in a tactile way to learn and sort between...

Quadrilaterals Cards

These cards can be used in several different ways to sort and learn about the different types of four-sided geometric...

Make Number Words Worksheet Set

Through cutting and pasting, matching and writing, this set of worksheets will engage your students to become familiar...

How Much? Canadian Coin Worksheet

This full-color worksheet challenges students to count the coins, and circle the amounts that match from a selection of...

Kinds of Energy from the Sun Cut and Paste Activity

This fun and engaging cut and paste activity encourages students to think critically about the kind of energy that we...

Fraction Blocks Kit

Teaching fractions, decimals and percentages can sometimes be difficult. At Al Tilmeedh Publications, we utilize math...

Teacher Planner

This homeschool organizer is the one you have been searching for! If you plan your own year, and want an easy, step-by-...

Canadian Coin Number Line

A versatile tool for math skills, this coin number line will help your students learn money up to $1, fractions,...

Calendar Patterns Worksheet

This worksheet will engage your students and help them find patterns as they learn about the calendar month.

American Coin Number Line

This creative and versatile printable toy will engage your students in their study of coins, counting, skip counting,...