Entering and Exiting Washroom Duaa

For in class activity and to hang to remember.

Dua for Wudu

For classroom activity.

My Hadith Book- Grade 1

The purpose of the My Hadith Book series is: 1. To memorize the Ahaadeeth, To practice, To earn Rewards.

The Book of Sadakah - Free Hadith Coloring Book

children will enjoy this coloring book as they learn hadiths about sadakah (Charity).

Lessons In Islam

Lesson in Islam is a series of books that teaches the children the basics of the Islamic religion. These can also be...

The Salaat Tracker

Track your salaat. This file contains 3 posters with the following colors: 1. Orange 2. Blue 3. Green Format...

Brotherhood Hadith Study Unit

Students are encouraged to memorize the hadith, play games to understand its vocabulary, and reflect on how they can...