Traceable Perpetual Gregorian Calendar Templates

Tired of looking for a yearly calendar each year for your daily calendar activities? This jumbo pack of 84 templates...

Adding Tens with Ten Frames

188 Addition Cards. 88 ten frame cards print. laminate. use a dry erase marker to write answers. Use ten frame...

Colorful Kindergarten Sight Word Cards

Kindergarten Sight Word Cards! use to build sentences on a large table or floor mat. Or use to create a word wall or...

Sorting And Pattern Mini Bundle

Includes 8 sorting comprehension worksheets and 12 pattern cards. Works well with ages 3 1/2 to 6!

44 Nouns, Adjectives, And Pronouns Clip Cards

44 Nouns, Adjectives, And Pronouns Clip Cards Use in your language center! Great for ESL!

Ready for Math (English) Kinder Bundle

Great pack for beginning numbers. Good for the deal! Math meets Reading, writing, coloring and fun! This pdf...

Mandy's Candy Clip Cards (and mini puzzles file folder game)

***60 number clip cards from 0-20, and 4 mini number puzzles Great for file folder games and math centers. (euro...

Phonics Alphabet Crowns! Couronne de l'alphabet!

Alphabet crowns! In French and English! This set contains : 2 different crowns for each letter totaling 104 crowns...

Community Workers English Clip Cards

** Help your child identify community workers by the tool on the card. Use a clothes pin to "pin" the correct answer...

Master Fractions Bundle

This bundle of files includes print-and-play toys and coloring worksheets for your students to master fractions. They...

Any Language Bundle

Image-only resources perfect for whatever language you teach to encourage your students to speak and write. Foods...

Pillars of Islam Mobile/Wall Hanging

Make a 1 sided wall hanging or a 2 sided mobile of the pillars of Islam! -Pillars have Arabic transliterated terms of...

Name Recognition -Sadique

27 page pdf book to assist your little Sadique with learning his name!

Real Photo Color Posters (english)

Includes: american sign language cards 15 color poster to assist your little learners! English colors in this...

And Allah Made a Strawberry Worksheet Set

Four worksheets in two levels help reinforce the lesson from our publication, 'From Flower to Strawberry'. Students are...

And Allah made a Strawberry

Don't forget to also download our accompanying worksheets to reinforce the science lesson! New eBook to download...

Ready...Set...Read!!! for Advancing Beginners, Part 1

Making Learning To Read Simple And Fun For Your Little One! “Ready...Set...Read!!! For Advancing Beginners” is the...

signing with phonics..."an" words-set 1

This is a great activity set for "an" sounds. ASL and phonetic sounds to assist with reading-- comes in color AND black...

Islamic Certificate of Completion

Did your little one just learn a new surah?! Ma sha'Allah! why not make her/him smile with this printable certificate...