Weather Bulletin Board Set

Engage your students in reporting the weather each day of class with this colorfully illustrated bulletin board set in...

My Hadith Book- Grade 1

The purpose of the My Hadith Book series is: 1. To memorize the Ahaadeeth, To practice, To earn Rewards.

40 Arabic Number Recognition Clip Cards

40 Arabic Number clip cards. Great way for your little learner to learn to recognize the Arabic numbers 1-10. Like...

Autumn Arabic Alphabet 2 part Montessori Cards

Autumn/Fall themed Arabic Alphabet 2 part Montessori cards! Laminate for protection of your printable!

Arabic Colors Play-dough /Dabber (with Arabic , Phonetic, English and French)

Fun printable color your own set! Allow your little one to enjoy learning his or her Arabic colors creativity with this...

Sit & Listen Muslimah

Sit and listen muslimahs to put on student note tags , to make your own products, or to print and color! 18 color, 1...

Muslimah School Uniform Clip Art

As salaam alaikum ! This cute clip art set is wonderful for your bulletin board or products! Add your child's name and...

Arabic Numbers Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Two versions of the crossword puzzle in Arabic and English to learn numbers. These worksheets offer a fun way to teach...

TarkEasy - the innovative method to teach Arabic writing

No more need to learn the 3 forms of the letter (beginning, middle, end of the world). No more struggle, no more...

Arabic Colors Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Two versions of the crossword puzzle in Arabic and English to learn Colors. These worksheets offer a fun way to teach...

Arabic Initial form pattern block worksheet

Using pattern blocks is a fun hands-on way for kids to learn Arabic Alphabets and start making words in Arabic. In...

Jilbab/hijab and garment poster

As salaam alaikum-- Inshaa Allah this printable pdf poster set could be an important addition to classroom and home...

Name Recognition -Sadique

27 page pdf book to assist your little Sadique with learning his name!

Arabic colors with phonetic posters

includes: color posters to assist your little learners! colors in this pdf are-- -- red, orange, yellow, green...

Community Workers Set One

Includes: pages 5-7 Community hat occupation match up cards- Page 8 Graphing toothbrushes Pages 9 Arabic alphabet...

Conjugaison Française (Sunnah Learners World Language)

French conjugaison verbs--- La conjugaison des verbes français Great as posters or binder inserts for new verbs!...

Real Photo Color Posters (english)

Includes: american sign language cards 15 color poster to assist your little learners! English colors in this...

My Journey with Alphabets

This book contains 200 pages and has plenty of educational fun activities that includes coloring,...

Zoo Animals Flashcards English and Arabic

This is a set of flashcards of common zoo animals in English and Arabic. Each flashcard includes the first letter of...

And Allah Made a Strawberry Worksheet Set

Four worksheets in two levels help reinforce the lesson from our publication, 'From Flower to Strawberry'. Students are...

And Allah made a Strawberry

Don't forget to also download our accompanying worksheets to reinforce the science lesson! New eBook to download...

Introducing myself – Arabic Worksheets 1 – English

These printable Arabic worksheets with English translation are designed for non-native speakers. They are based on the...

Introducing myself – Arabic Worksheets 1 – Arabic only

These printable Arabic worksheets for 3-6 year old children are based on the topic “introducing myself in Arabic” and...

Fruits of the Farm Cut and Paste Activity

Crossing over between Arabic and Science, this worksheet challenges your students to make connections between producers...