Loto des lettres arabe (ARABIC LETTER BINGO)

Loto des lettres arabe - ARABIC LETTER BINGO Apprendre l'alphabet arabe en s'amusant ! Je vous propose un jeu de...

Student Created Alphabet Posters

This pack includes pages to create student created letter posters or word wall headers. Full and half page templates...

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages

These alphabet coloring sheets are a perfect addition to your Arabic alphabet instruction/practice time! Students will...

Letter Jeem حَرفُ الجِيم

this worksheets includes revisions for all previous letters, different type of exercises including coloring to help the...

حَرفُ الثَّاء Letter Thaa

This worksheet help the child recognize and be able to write letter Thaa حرف الثاء with a few Arabic words which...

Arabic Alphabet Practice Worksheet Bundle

Identify the letters of the Arabic Alphabet with these fun worksheets. There are three different worksheets for each...

Arabic Alphabet Playdough Mats

Great for learning or reviewing the Arabic alphabet. Use as play dough mats or laminate to use as handwriting practice

Arabic Yes! Book 1: Arabic Alphabet Standalone Forms

Includes 12 lessons, flashcards, progress chart, teaching notes and more!

Letter Taa حَرفُ التَّاء

This activity sheet has different type of exercises along with some Arabic words to let the child memorize the letter...

Letter Baa حَرفُ البَاء

This sheet help the child to recognize letter baa ب using different type of exercises and some Arabic words that...

Letter Alif

This activity sheet for letter Alif has different type of exercises along with some Arabic vocabulary to reinforce...

بطاقات الحروف العربية

أكثر من 100 بطاقة تشمل الحروف العربية بكل أشكالها و مواقعها و حركاتها لتعليم الاطفال الحروف و تحليل و تركيب الكلمات...

Phonics Alphabet Crowns! Couronne de l'alphabet!

Alphabet crowns! In French and English! This set contains : 2 different crowns for each letter totaling 104 crowns...

l'alphabet (french alphabet workbook and emergent reader)

The french alphabet worksheet/workbook and emergent reader. 50% off for 72 hours great for french alphabet, and...

Puzle arabic alphabet

Puzle arabic alphabet a little game very educational and fun at the same time to learn to our students or children how...

Master Fractions Bundle

This bundle of files includes print-and-play toys and coloring worksheets for your students to master fractions. They...

Sound Detective

The opposite of our 'Sound Check' worksheet set, these pages show the checkmarks to indicate where in words the letter...

On the Farm Matching Sounds

As part of our Farm Animals theme, this worksheet set will challenge your beginner students to recall the name of the...

Autumn Arabic Alphabet 2 part Montessori Cards

Autumn/Fall themed Arabic Alphabet 2 part Montessori cards! Laminate for protection of your printable!

TarkEasy - the innovative method to teach Arabic writing

No more need to learn the 3 forms of the letter (beginning, middle, end of the world). No more struggle, no more...

Arabic Initial form pattern block worksheet

Using pattern blocks is a fun hands-on way for kids to learn Arabic Alphabets and start making words in Arabic. In...

Name Recognition -Sadique

27 page pdf book to assist your little Sadique with learning his name!

My Journey with Alphabets

This book contains 200 pages and has plenty of educational fun activities that includes coloring,...

pattern card slips and togs

Patterns, simple cute bright pattern cards! Don't forget to rate