While Ali is selling "Ka'ak", Simsem the cat jumps through a “Ka'ak" that gets stuck around its neck . An exciting...

Against the Tide

When the course of her family’s life changes forever, 15 year old Yusra is faced with a choice. Either she accepts her...

The 5 Pillar of Islam

Kids Should know the Basics of Islam.

Eating Etiquette in Islam

Behold the cover and read the title. Question: What does Ali do when nobody wants to come? Go through the book and...

My Sleep Etiquette

Dear children: sleep is one of the blessings of Allah. Allah has narrated the blessing of sleep as a taken of his...

Story Sequencing Cards

These cards show several daily activities, in four different images showing four stages of each activity. Although...

Ramadan Activity Book for Boys

The well-known book is now in both ebook and print format! Your students will enjoy spending their blessed month...

School Unit - Felt Story - Noor and the School Supplies

This Arabic felt board story is a nice fun activity you can do with your students at school or your children at...