Arabic Alphabets Minibooks

The minibook series is from Alif to ya. In each Letter minibook the kids will:  Color and trace the...

Color Wheel

This manipulative has children spin wheels to match the colours with their correct Arabic names.

Color Sliders

These fun printable toys help children retain the names of the colors in Arabic. They slide the tab across the image...

Al Alif Baa Picture Ebook

Al Alif Baa is the best way for your child to become familiar with the Arabic alphabet with colorful letters, words and...

Simple Spelling Match Ebook

There are three entertaining types of worksheets in this ebook which reinforce spelling and reading. 1. Detatched...

Flower Spell

These beautiful worksheets packed with full-color artwork of fruits, plants, and other objects found in nature...

Build Arabic Words Worksheet Set

Students utilize these worksheets by visually matching the name of the pictured objects with a word from a list, and...

The Ismii Song -- Introductions of Self for beginning Beginning Students Arabic

The Arabic Helping Hand offers a fun song and activity packet to help introduce beginning Arabic students to phrases of...

Quran Reading and Memorization Bookmarks

Format: PDF file, 9 pagesLanguage: ArabicContent:30 Bookmarks from Day 1 to Day 30 2 Extra blank bookmarks Instruction:...

Ramadan Words Flash Cards

Format: PDF file, 11 pagesLanguage: ArabicContent:28 Flash Cards with Ramadan Words From Alif to YaSee the File"...

Body Unit -Flash Cards

This product contains a set of 18 cards with matching images of the Body Unit.Just print and cut the cards (...

Ramadan Activity Book for Girls

The popular print book is now in print or ebook format! A delightful and engaging story follows on pages of coloring...

At The Food Market 2 - Fruits and Vegetables

At The Market worksheets is a fun activity to introduce FRUITS AND  VEGETABLES vocabulary in...

At The Food Market 1 - Inside The Market

At The Market worksheets is a fun activity to introduce INSIDE THE MARKET vocabulary in Arabic...

Arabic Verbs Worksheets

 This file contains 12 ACTION VERBS in Arabic with English translation and transliteration.This is an easy on the...

Fun Arabic Worksheets - Letter Ḥā ҆

This worksheets are not only fun but are goal oriented page by page. It covers all the steps needed to master the...

Fun Arabic Worksheets - Letter Jīm

This worksheets are not only fun but are goal oriented page by page. It covers all the steps needed to master the...

At The Zoo

At The Zoo Arabic worksheets is really a fun activity to introduce the Zoo vocabulary in Arabic to the...

Alphabet Picture Blocks

Craft-it-Yourself Alphabet Picture Blocks!1. Cut out all the lines that are NOT dotted.2. Fold away from you on all the...

Alphabetization Train

This cut and paste activity requires the student to arrange all the Arabic Alphabet letters in correct alphabetical...

Fishing for Letters

This printable toy allows the students to play at fishing and fish out letters, words, or numbers that the teacher hand...

Fold Flash

Four-in-One flashcards for learning Arabic short vowelsFormat: PDF file, 10 pages

Jigsaw Alphabet

Students cut apart the jigsaw puzzle pieces in order to assemble them correctly and discover the featured letter. A...

Al Alif Baa Coloring EBook

Now the popular 'Al Alif Baa' picture book is available for coloring! Coloring pages for each Arabic letter feature the...