Pondering Quran 30 Juz 30 Stories

Each day of Ramadan, your children can utilize this list of stories found in the Qur'an. Each of the 30 days in Ramadan...

Ramadan Fun Kit

This set was created to help parents/teachers prepare for Ramadan in a fun way! This Product contains: Ramadan...

Ready For Ramadan-little brothers

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* Salaam! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **Ready for Ramadan for little...

Ready For Ramadan-little sisters

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* Salaam! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **Ready for Ramadan for little...

My Quran Workbook

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* As salaamu alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **My Quran...

Islamic Manners of Dress (2008)

The wearing of clothes, like many other actions, can be ibaadah to Allah if worn appropriately. In today’s world, it...

The Book of Sadakah - Free Hadith Coloring Book

children will enjoy this coloring book as they learn hadiths about sadakah (Charity).

The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling

This handbook is a valuable tool full of advice from Muslim families who successfully homeschool their children. The...

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

This is 11 slides power point presentation about the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). It includes basic fact about who he is?...

Ramadan Activity and Story Book (Girls' Edition)

This delightful original story of a fictional little girl named Fatima explores her first tries fasting during Ramadan...

Perfect Tajweed: Laam Saakinah Lesson and Worksheets

Five different worksheets follow a quick and easy lesson on a primary laam saakinah rule of tajweed. Students will...

Lessons In Islam

Lesson in Islam is a series of books that teaches the children the basics of the Islamic religion. These can also be...

The 5 Pillar of Islam

Kids Should know the Basics of Islam.

Eating Etiquette in Islam

Behold the cover and read the title. Question: What does Ali do when nobody wants to come? Go through the book and...

My Sleep Etiquette

Dear children: sleep is one of the blessings of Allah. Allah has narrated the blessing of sleep as a taken of his...

The Salaat Tracker

Track your salaat. This file contains 3 posters with the following colors: 1. Orange 2. Blue 3. Green Format...

The Pillars of Iman

“I believe in Allah s.w.t ,His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and in Taqdir, that all good and bad...

Wudhu Colouring Worksheet - Digital

All muslims must seek to remain clean and always maintain good hygiene. Wudhu is used to mentally prepare for...

Hajj Worksheet: Manasik Match

Test your students' knowledge of the rites of Hajj, and of their Arabic reading, by having them match the actions done...

Tafseer Match

In studying the last pages of the Qur'an, students will be challenged to match the short explanation of the meaning of...

Brotherhood Hadith Study Unit

Students are encouraged to memorize the hadith, play games to understand its vocabulary, and reflect on how they can...

Prophet Musa Worksheet Set

Students learn about the life of Prophet Musa through coloring, matching, and ordering items about the story of the cow...


This display flashcards can be used at home or at your classroom. It is about some common Duaa we can use in our daily...

Ghusl Wheel

Teach review the steps of Ghusl with this Ghusl Wheel! Diameter: 6.75 in (17 cm)