Arabic Yes! Book 1: Arabic Alphabet Standalone Forms

Includes 12 lessons, flashcards, progress chart, teaching notes and more!

Mandy's Candy Clip Cards (and mini puzzles file folder game)

***60 number clip cards from 0-20, and 4 mini number puzzles Great for file folder games and math centers. (euro...

Letter Taa حَرفُ التَّاء

This activity sheet has different type of exercises along with some Arabic words to let the child memorize the letter...

Letter Baa حَرفُ البَاء

This sheet help the child to recognize letter baa ب using different type of exercises and some Arabic words that...

Letter Alif

This activity sheet for letter Alif has different type of exercises along with some Arabic vocabulary to reinforce...

Perpetual Hijri Calendar Templates

84 calendar templates --- 7 templates for each Hijri month. Each template for a given month starts on a different day...

l'alphabet (french alphabet workbook and emergent reader)

The french alphabet worksheet/workbook and emergent reader. 50% off for 72 hours great for french alphabet, and...

Community Workers English Clip Cards

** Help your child identify community workers by the tool on the card. Use a clothes pin to "pin" the correct answer...

My Hadith Book- Grade 1

The purpose of the My Hadith Book series is: 1. To memorize the Ahaadeeth, To practice, To earn Rewards.

40 Arabic Number Recognition Clip Cards

40 Arabic Number clip cards. Great way for your little learner to learn to recognize the Arabic numbers 1-10. Like...

Arabic Colors Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Two versions of the crossword puzzle in Arabic and English to learn Colors. These worksheets offer a fun way to teach...

Arabic colors with phonetic posters

includes: color posters to assist your little learners! colors in this pdf are-- -- red, orange, yellow, green...

Real Photo Color Posters (english)

Includes: american sign language cards 15 color poster to assist your little learners! English colors in this...

community workers flashcards

This is a set of flashcards of common community workers with English and Arabic. Each flashcard includes the first...

My Friday Guide - New

Friday is the most important day for Muslims. We should teach our young learners the importance of Friday from their...

Khana (Urdu Nazam)

This is a special gift for urdu speaking families.

99 names of GOD #1

As Salaam Alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! 5 printable to help reinforce 1 of the names of Allah...

Ramadan Fun Kit

This set was created to help parents/teachers prepare for Ramadan in a fun way! This Product contains: Ramadan...

Real Life Kitchen Chore Jobs

****Daily Real Home Jobs for Children-Kitchen As salaamu alaikum! Here’s an awesome way to teach your children’...

Ready For Ramadan-little brothers

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* Salaam! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **Ready for Ramadan for little...

Ready For Ramadan-little sisters

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* Salaam! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **Ready for Ramadan for little...

Islamic Certificate of Completion

Did your little one just learn a new surah?! Ma sha'Allah! why not make her/him smile with this printable certificate...

Islamic Homeschool Courses with montessori

This is a very detailed list of home school courses, I hope you find it useful in shaa Allah! This file also includes...

pattern card slips and togs

Patterns, simple cute bright pattern cards! Don't forget to rate