Spelling Spinners: Alif

This printable toy is easy to assemble, and fun to use as your students spin the dials to line up correct spelling of...

Spelling Spinners: Yaa

These fun and easy-to-assemble reading toys will help your students make connections to spell Arabic words! This...

Brotherhood Hadith Study Unit

Students are encouraged to memorize the hadith, play games to understand its vocabulary, and reflect on how they can...

Haroof Trail Board Game Set

Haroof trail is a game that will teach your students the Arabic letters, reinforce vocabulary, and get your students...

Arabic Alphabets with Pattern Blocks Worksheets

Using pattern blocks is a fun hands-on way for kids to learn Arabic Alphabets. In these worksheets kids can fit pattern...

Fun Arabic Worksheets - Letter Sīn

This worksheets are not only fun but are goal oriented page by page. It covers all the steps needed to master the...

Open and Closed Ta - File Folder Game

This file is a spelling game that helps the students practice spelling the open and closed letter Ta. The solution to...

Arabic Letter Lacing

Lacing the letters is one of the best ways to make toddlers and preschooler learn the Arabic alphabets forms and shapes...

Arabic Alphabet Pompom Mats

With this fun game kids will be able to learn the letter formation while playing with pompoms.   Format: PDF File...

Color Wheel

This manipulative has children spin wheels to match the colours with their correct Arabic names.

لعبة الحروف العربية Arabic Alphabet Bingo Game

This is one of my favorite student games. Arabic bingo is a fun game that helps teach the Arabic alphabet. Just print,...

Islamic Word Search

Format: PDF file, 15 pagesLanguage: ArabicContent:Pillars of IslamPillars of FaithThe two shahadats...

Ramadan Puzzle

Format: PDF file, 9 pagesLanguage: Arabic / English Translation and TransliterationContent:English Translation and...

Alphabet Picture Blocks

Craft-it-Yourself Alphabet Picture Blocks!1. Cut out all the lines that are NOT dotted.2. Fold away from you on all the...

Fishing for Letters

This printable toy allows the students to play at fishing and fish out letters, words, or numbers that the teacher hand...

Fold Flash

Four-in-One flashcards for learning Arabic short vowelsFormat: PDF file, 10 pages

Jigsaw Alphabet

Students cut apart the jigsaw puzzle pieces in order to assemble them correctly and discover the featured letter. A...

Arabic Alphabet Big Jigzaw Puzzle

Arabic Alphabet Big Jigzaw Puzzle is a fun activity for children to learn the Arabic alphabets and play  Age: 2-7...

Magnetic Arabic Letters - Matching Game

This is a fun hands on game that helps the kids practice letter identification, letter shapes and letter order. ...

Body Unit - BINGO

Check out this fun BINGO game with the Body unit theme. When printed on card-stock and laminated to last, they can be...

Clothespins Wheel Game.

In this  game the kids match the letters on the clothespins to the (letters, letter shape or beginning sound...

Clothespins Alphabet Matching Game Board

In this  game the kids match the letters on the clothespins to the (letters or letter shape) on the game board....

Letter Roads

This letter road sensory play mat allows children to practice forming the letter in a fun playful way while engaging...

Play Dough Shapes

Children will love these Play Dough hands-on learning activities. It’s the perfect way to help kids learn...