Islamic Homeschool Courses with montessori

This is a very detailed list of home school courses, I hope you find it useful in shaa Allah! This file also includes...

pattern card slips and togs

Patterns, simple cute bright pattern cards! Don't forget to rate

The CH CH CH Chefs digraph book and worksheets (mini bundle)

*READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE* As salaam alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir! **CH DIGRAPH BOOK...

Noon Publications Islamic Coloring Book

Looking for some fun Islamic based coloring pages for your children? Check out our Islamic coloring book! It is...

Counters for Math Games

This set of counters features some of our original artwork, in small circlular counter form for your lessons with...

Letter Collector Board Game for English

Students will race against each other as they move from letter to letter, keeping score on their cards, until someone...

Language Art - Beginning Sound

The first step to becoming a great reader and writer is to learn the sounds of all the letters! Pages - 51

Language Art - Self Writing

This worksheet bundle focuses on self writing skills, featuring activities that help develop fine motor skills and...

ABC Coloring Worksheets

In this workbook children can color their way through a few of the most common colors! They'll boost their vocabulary...

Pangrams Cursive Writing Tracing

What better way to introduce cursive writing than through pangrams, sentences that are sometimes silly, which include...

Rhyming Colours Matching

These worksheets will encourage your beginning readers to notice similarities and patterns in English words, as they...


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