“Greeting and introducing myself in Arabic” Unit in Arabic only

Age group: 4 - 8

Seller: Arabic Seeds

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“Greeting and introducing myself in Arabic” Unit in Arabic only

This unit for 3-8 year old children is based on our free Arabic Story 1 (included) and an adapted play-based approach making students practice the 4 skills of the language (listening, speaking, (pre-)writing, (pre-)reading).

Lesson 1 «what’s your name?»
Lesson 2 «how old are you?»
Lesson 3 «I like, I don’t like» (+ food/drink vocabulary)
Lesson 4 «How are you?»
Lesson 5 Closing Lesson

- 1 short Arabic story "Nashoot meets Bannoon", 7 pages pdf
- 1 Teacher Guide with instructions in English, 44 pages pdf:
¤ tips, lesson plan suggestions and activities, material check-lists and space for personal sum-up and notes.
¤ Arabic-only printable material for the lessons: 2 rhymes ("Hello" & "Goodbye" Rhymes), storytelling props, activities flashcards, key-words flashcards, kitten masks for pretend play..
- 1 Learner Book in Arabic-only, 19 pages pdf: (pre)writing and (pre)reading Worksheets, rhymes Lyrics.
You can print it as many times as you need for your students.

ACTIVITIES: Rhymes, Storytelling, Game, Craft, Let’s move!, Let’s write/read

SUMMARY of the Teacher Guide:
1) Early Language Teaching Approach p.1
2) Important notes and Tips to teach to non-native speakers p.2 & 3
3) Organization of the Unit p.4
Lesson 1 «what’s your name?» p.5-10
Lesson 2 «how old are you?» p.11-14
Lesson 3 «I like, I don’t like» p.15 -17
Lesson 4 «How are you?» p.18 - 21
Lesson 5 Closing Lesson p.22 - 24

4) Printable Materials for the lessons:
1. Flashcards «Activities» p.25
2. Hello Rhyme p.26
3. Storytelling Props p.27 - 29
4. Nashoot Mask p.30
5. Goodbye Rhyme p.31
6. Food/Drink pictures p.32
7. «How are you?» Stencil p.33
8. Flashcards «Key words» p.34 - 38
Faceless flashcards p.39-40
9. Bannoon Mask p.41

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