Age group: 4 - 8

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smile! its sunnah!

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As salaam alaikum! Peace! Hello! How ya doin! Bonjour! Bonsoir!

**CH DIGRAPH BOOK - simple, fun, and inviting for your early reader! - Black and white to save ink!

***3 Activity pages included!

*****Read terms and use carefully for your first purchase, so that you may fully understand copyright issues.

*****Come back and rate! Get your good deed in!!! rate fairly and honestly but after you have your questions answered.It may take up to a day to respond.

******Don't for get to remember Allah is Great all the time and all the time Allah is Great! (so i bet your beautiful!)

peace , love, and hair grease!

--Sister Aakifah <3

Format: PDF 13 pages

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