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Arabic Letters At Your Hands Booklet

It is a preparatory booklet for the beginner before the first level of Arabic At Your Hands series, and it serves as approach for teaching mechanical reading and writing and how to spell and draw letters. This book is presented in coincidence with dialogue approach.

Features of this Letters Booklet:
It teaches separate and connected forms of Arabic letters and contains exercises on how to connect letters.
Letters are arranged based on the way they are written (letters that need less changes to be connected come first).
Exercising on writing, starting from passing the pen on the targeted letter with its various forms, writing the letter, passing the pen on the word, and at last writing the word.
Words are chosen from famous nouns so that the student does not think in their meaning.
This approach avoids the negatives of traditional approach.

Time suitable for teaching letters booklet:
Two weeks.

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