An Arabic letter forms recognition activity

Age group: 1 - 4

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Spin and Cover is a fun letter-forms game that is great for practicing “letter-form skills”. There are three different spinners, each covering a different skill, the first one covers letter recognition, the second covers recognizing a letter form in a word and the third covers hearing the letter in a word! To use, get your little learner to spin the spinner using a paperclip. They should cover the letter form, word or picture that matches the spin. These games can also have 1-4 players. With multiple players, each player should have a colored game piece/counter. Players would then take turns spinning the spinner and covering the corresponding letter form, word or picture. If a player is unable to make any matches, that player loses his/her turn. The game ends when all the letter forms/words/pictures are covered. The player with the most game pieces/counters on the game board wins!

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An Arabic letter forms recognition activity

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