An Arabic letter forms phonemic awareness activity

Age group: 1 - 4

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The Arabic Letter Forms Phonics Pocket is a fun game to play that reinforces letter sounds and/or letter recognition. It may be played as a sound game on its own or together with the Arabic Letter Forms Hound Chart as a letter recognition sorting game. If played as a sound game, get your little learner to listen for and stamp, bingo dab or color in the part of the hound where they heard the sound and then to put it in the corresponding hound pocket. If played as a sorting game together with the hound charts. Get your child to write the letter form in the correct circle positon then sort the pictures into the correct pockets that match the hound/letter position on the hound chart. To use, Cut out the pockets and fold the flaps inwards along the dotted lines. Glue the flaps on card stock paper to create a pocket.

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An Arabic letter forms phonemic awareness activity

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