An Arabic letter forms beginning reading activity

Age group: 1 - 4

Seller: Gambian Mommy

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Make the Word (Booklets) are a fun and challenging way for kids to learn and explore how letter forms work in a hands on way. The flap pages, that have to be turned to find the connecting letters in order to make a complete word, reinforces recognizing the various forms of the Arabic alphabet. Each page contains a letter of the alphabet with its initial, middle and ending form together with an image. With the help of the Arabic Letter Forms Picture Dictionary (or the vocabulary sheet found at the end of each booklet), students should try to find the correct letter forms that connect to make each image’s corresponding word by turning the flaps. This packet includes 3 booklets each focusing on a letter form; initial, middle and end and vocabulary sheets. To assemble each book; use a scissors to cut across the solid lines, glue or use a giant stapler to bind the book on the space above the dotted line, fold across dotted lines to form a flap. For better flapping bind using a spiral binder!

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An Arabic letter forms beginning reading activity

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