An Arabic letter forms phonics activity

Age group: 1 - 4

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These clip cards are meant to aid little learners in learning to recognize and “hear” the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of letters. The repeated exposure from the other activities should help them in recognizing the name of the images. Use the Letter Forms Picture Dictionary, or the Letter Forms Hound Chart alongside this activity to help your child self-correct Have your little learner say the name of each picture, and to listen for the sound of the letter in focus then clip the pictures whose sound corresponds to the letter form/position in the middle of the card. For durability, print unto cardstock, trim and laminate. Alternatively, before laminating, you can make these cards self-correcting by making a mark or placing a small sticker on the back of the card for the correct answer. You may choose to use it in literacy centers or for individual practice.

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An Arabic letter forms phonics activity

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