“Let’s go to the park!

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“Let’s go to the park! – I explore, I enjoy, I play ” Arabic Banner, Vocabulary List & Labels (in Arabic-only and Arabic-English)
A lovely resource to engage your kids/students in learning Arabic for real life!

- surrounding children with Arabic and instilling a natural love of this language (from baby age, at home/ in the classroom)
- acquiring real life vocabulary; practice Arabic when going out!
- reading practice: kids learn/review the vocabulary (the illustrated list is here to help them if needed) and replace the Arabic labels beside the right item on the banner!

What’s inside: 1 PDF File including:
- 1 Banner in Arabic-only and 1 Banner Arabic-English (including one engaging Arabic sentence and 3 verbs re-usable in real life). The banner prints over three A4 sheets, which you can assemble together.
- 1 sheet of Arabic Vocabulary list (park, playground, small animals, nature)
- 1 sheet of Arabic labels for readers (they read them and replace them besides the right item on the banner)
Illustrations hand-drawn by us!

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