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Animals Around Us exposes children to animals in Arabic from their environment in the Arab world. It provides a fun and stimulating way for parents to interact with their children in Arabic and enhance their Arabic language vocabulary. The Arabic language educational and entertaining DVD is divided into three parts: animals in our house (cat, dog, bird, fish, spider), animals in the desert (horse, ostrich, Arabian oryx, camel), and animals in the farm (cow, sheep, ducks, and baby chicks). The animals are introduced in Arabic in an exciting way through puppet skits, animation, live action sequences and Arabic nursery rhymes.

Arabic Nursery Rhymes in this DVD include:
• These Chicks
• This is How the Birds Fly
• Spider Song
• Rabbit and Dear
• In our Farm


The DVDs and the CDs are a must buy if you want your children to learn useful Arabic words in a fun way. I have a daughter and son who both absolutely love them. We got the Animals DVD first and they started watching it at 6 months. They were hooked. It really helped them learn the names of all the animals and subsequently the colors, shapes and numbers and many nursery rhymes in Arabic. We can't wait for the next one to come out.
RMK (reviewed on Amazon)
Language: Modern Standard Arabic with Fusha
DVD Title: Animals Around Us
Duration: 21 minutes
Subtitles: English
Year: 2005
Ages: 1+
Producer: Little Thinking Minds

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