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How to learn a second language ?

Knowing how to learn a language is a key issue in the success of learning a second language; and given the importance of the role played by the learner in the success or failure to learn a language, the field of teaching languages has witnessed considerable attention and remarkable focus on the learner and how to provide him with the right insights and curricula to understand the language, know how to learn it, and use the strategies that could help him to do so, and this is what it tried to be provided by the book "How to learn a second language?" through a direct, simplified and youth-oriented manner, seeking to shortcut experiences.

The book of " How to learn a second language? " helps answering the following questions:

How to start learning a second language?
What is the difference between learning the mother tongue and second language?
What should I learn from the second language?
How to deal with the phonetics?
How to learn vocabulary? As well as linguistic structures?
How to deal with the different language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)?
How to deal with the second language culture?
How to deal with grammatical errors?
How much time do I need to learn a second language?
And others.

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