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"I play ball with my friends", "I pick up flowers for mummy", "I observe the busy ants" ... Kids will enjoy these Arabic short sentences based on a favorite topic and on action verbs (at the 1st singular person)!  A very interactive and versatile Resource: there are five great ways to use it!
- adapted to non-native speakers (translation included) and beginner readers

1) From baby age, use it like a short story! Reading aloud (or using audio provided) to kids in order to expose them to the whole language and introduce/review vocabulary!

2) Play & Movements): add sounds, gestures, and movements illustrating the words or verbs you are joyfully reading to the kids, make them do the same! - from baby age too!

3) Photo Hunt: go to the park with the kids, take pictures with the relevant strips as captions in the pictures

4) Reading Practice for beginner readers needing a more challenging activity than reading only words.

5) Listening Game for more advanced learners: the teacher reads aloud sentences one by one (or a learner does it for the others). Each time, learners must show the relevant illustrated strips.

**** Print, cut, laminate, assemble with a ring.

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