¤¤¤ The Story's FEATURES:

At Arabic Seeds, we are glad to offer you our first Arabic Story for 2-7 year old children.
It is downloadable and printable.
Make young children practice Arabic day after day and sow the seeds of their Arabic Fluency!

¤¤¤ The STORY:
Nashoot, the Arabic-speaker kitten, meets for the first time Bannoon.
They introduce themselves and tell what they like and don't like.

3 versions available: Arabic-only, Arabic/English, Arabic/French.

Age group: Any

Seller: Arabic Seeds

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¤¤¤ The Story's FEATURES:
- designed for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten children and beginner readers.
- story in classical Arabic («fos’ha» فُصْحى)
- inspired by children's daily life
- attractive illustrations & characters
- vocabulary illustrations at the bottom of each page & vocabulary review page at the end of the mini-book.

Adapted to non-native speakers:
- simple and clear Arabic Text with the vowels ("harakats")
- bilingual versions: Arabic/English, Arabic/French

¤¤¤ What is in the pdf FILE (7 pages) :
- an instructions page
- the 10 pages of the mini-book ( 2 pages per A4)
- the list of the Arabic verbs used in the story (for parents/teachers).

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