Using Other Arabic Playground Products with My Journey with Alphabets Book

My Journey with Alphabets

I am very excited about using My journey With Alphabets book from Arabic Playground to preserve what my daughter learned throughout the year or if your child needs to build competency to go to higher grade. What I like about this product is that it is quite consistent with the other Arabic Playground products which made learning easier and more fun. You are building the learning blocks one by one. Here are few examples of how I plan to use the book with the other products:

For example I am planning on using the Arabic Playground Colors flashcards when we review letter Baa and also I know that it is a great opportunity for my daughter to be exposed to different Arabic fonts in preparation to reading books. I noticed that she feels upset when she is unable to read Arabic books because of their fonts, since she is only used to the Alnaskh script. I am going to use the confidence that she has because she has mastered the letter Baa already in its isolated form, and build on it to review colors and exposing her to other ways of writing the Baa in different fonts. If your child is learning these letters, focus on tracing and using fine motor skills in learning.

I am going to use the FREE alphabet flashcards to focus on beginning and ending letters and sounds. This set of flashcards is FREE, just follow my post on giving your flashcards a professional look and use them in conjunction with the workbook.

I am also going to use the Seasons Flashcards and Playdough mats when we cover this workbook. I am going to let her group words that start or end with a certain letter, or even just use the flashcards that have only picture and ask her if she can pick those that start/end/have this letter in question. May be rhyming words, may be a pattern.

I also really like the fact that the instructions are in English and Arabic which is great for kid who still need this push to understand the instructions yet prefers to work independently. I recommend that you read my post on 10 things that I love about Arabic Playground and you will see for yourself how this book delivers on every point.

Happy Learning!



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